P.O Box 81 Tyrone,Ga 30290

About Us

Charles Wardlaw & Associates, LLC was created in 1997.

 The founder Charles Wardlaw had always been in the commercial printing industry until the late 90's when the company where he was employed suddenly experienced the loss of the CEO. This tragedy resulted in Charles needing to pursue a different career path. With the help of prayer and his lovely wife Nancy, they founded Charles Wardlaw & Associates, LLC and bought their first self-storage facility in LaGrange, GA. At that time, they had no idea where this adventure would lead them, but together they moved into the tiny apartment on-site and learned the business.  

 Charles Wardlaw & Associates, LLC is a family owned Christian based company that helps the community and treats customers and employees with kindness and respect. Over the years this company has grown and expanded into other parts of Georgia , Alabama , and Tennessee.

 We have undergone all the trials and tribulations that any small business endures, but every day we learn something new and grow from our experiences. The power of prayer, hard work and never giving up are our ingredients for success.  

 If you ever get the chance to meet them remember that:

We live by the saying, "Keep It Simple Silly", I am not big on excessive adjectives.  

 Ms. Nancy Wardlaw lives by Proverbs 4:23; Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. She has a very loving heart for everyone she meets.